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  Printing Selected Pages

  Sometimes you want to print not a complete PostScript document but just some
  selected pages. Here are several options. 

  o DSC Conforming Documents

    In a DSC (Document Structuring Conventions) conforming document all pages
    are individually accessible, clearly delineated by DSC comments. You can
    extract the pages you want to print before you send the result to a
    PostScript printer or interpreter. A utility for extracting these pages is

	 pssplit.exe -- DOS executable 
	 pssplit.c   -- C source 

  o Non DSC Conforming Documents: PostScript Level 2

    When there are no comments in the document to separate the document in
    pages, then the only solution is to have the entire document processed by a
    PostScript interpreter. However, PostScript Level 2 keeps track of the
    number of pages it has output, and you can redefine the output routine to
    tell PostScript to discard of the pages you don't want. A program that adds
    the necessary code to achieve this is pspages: 

	 pspages.exe -- DOS executable 
	 pspages.c   -- C source 

  o Non DSC Conforming Documents: Ghostscript

    With Ghostscript, instead of having the output sent to a printer, you can
    send it to a file instead. In this case, you can tell Ghostscript to divide
    the output in one file per page. Then you can copy the files you want to
    the printer. Here is an example: 

    gs -r300 -sDEVICE=djet500 -sOutputFile=file.%03d -dNOPAUSE -c quit

    This will produce files like file.001, file.002, etc. 

Peter Kleiweg