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                   THE RELABEL SYSTEM

By Peter Ungar, 4/22/1994,, 914 723 7187
  RELABEL is a system for convenient relabeling in mathematical
manuscripts as one makes changes. It is intended to be used with
TeX or LaTeX source texts, but can be used with any text file
and possibly even with some formatted files.

  The greatest advantage of RELABEL compared to any TeX macro
based reference system, such as the one in LaTeX, is that with
the latter one gets a permanent discrepancy between the labels in
the source text and the typeset text.

  RELABEL also requires less extra typing than the LaTeX macros;
usually just a single byte in each label or reference in addition
to what will be printed.

  The following RELABEL files are available:

    Relabeldocument.txt Detailed instructions for using RELABEL on 
        Macintosh or MS-DOS computers.
    relabeli.exe (binary) executable MS-DOS RELABEL program
    relabeli.pas Turbo Pascal source text for the above
    relabelmac.exe (macbinary) executable Macintosh RELABEL program
    relabelmac.pas Turbo Pascal for Macintosh source text for the above
    relex2i.txt and relex3i.txt: Example files for IBM-compatible computers
    relex2i.txt and relex3m.txt: Example files for Macintosh computers.

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