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This is a first attempt at an RTF to TeX converter. The parts that
handle fonts and such like seem to work pretty well, although they
could be improved, but the table handling is a problem. I had a good
deal of trouble trying to figure out what particular rtf control codes
were supposed to do; this makes it hard to convert them into TeX.

I have tried to produce good TeX, but this is not easy due to the
sloppy way that many RTF writers generate redundant font and other

Many things are not handled at all, more due to my lacking motivation
than to their intrinsic difficulty. For example, I don't support
double columns, but it would be easy enough to do (I'd generate a
control sequence to do it, and add the TeX code required to the
TeX_defs file. I even have the TeX somewhere...).

You will probably usually want to use the -i flag to include some
needed TeX definitions:
	rtf2TeX -i TeX_defs.tex file.rtf > file.tex
I am interested in opinions on whether this is a good way to do things,
as well as enhancements to the TeX macros.

I would be interested in seeing bug reports, and (especially) patches
and enhancements. I don't envisage being able to spend much more time
on this project, but I will be able to maintain a version as it improves
under the efforts of the internet.

			Robert Lupton