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SmileTeX v1.1

Description: Converts text into LaTeX code and calls additional 
             tools (ImageMagick, pdfLaTeX, etc.)
Platform:    Windows
Version:     1.1
License:     Free, but no source code available

SmileTeX is a small tool running under Windows which converts 
text files including some very simple commands to LaTeX files. 
Furthermore, it is also able to call other tools to automatically 
convert images into formats supported by LaTeX, to convert 
Excel tables to LaTeX tables, to create PDF output, to deal with
LaTeX commands, etc.

It should help the beginner to generate the first LaTeX document
as it should help the advanced LaTeX user to quickly write LaTeX
documents without having the need to convert every image and to 
type every figure environment by hand.

Some Features:
-inclusion of nearly any type of image 
-inclusion of Microsoft Excel tables (.xls) 
-shortcuts for sections, footnotes, labels, references, lists 
 (enumerate, itemize), emphasized text and much more... 
-automatic recognition of equations and hyperlinks 
-title page, table of contents, bibliography, index, appendix 
-recognition of special characters ("Börti, Börti Vogts...") 
-support for many languages 
-long comments, exceeding one line 
-output to DVI, PDF or HTML 
-inclusion of LaTeX commands
-additional WinEdt SmileTeX mode including syntax highlighting
   *a LaTeX distribution (especially MiKTeX, including pdfLaTeX)
   *TeXcel (Excel to LaTeX conversion)
   *TTH (TeX to HTML conversion)
   *WinEdt SmileTeX Mode
   *Adobe Reader
-coming soon:
   *SmileTeX presentations (PPower4, Adobe Reader)

Have a look at

for more information.

Christian Schüler