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    texdepend - Find dependencies for a LaTeX file

    texdepend [-help] [-expand] [-format *format-spec*] [-ignore *list*] [-
    out *outfile*] [-print *flags*] [-styles *list*] [-verbose] *file*[.tex]

    texdepend reads a .tex file, and (recursively) all \input{} and
    \include{} files referenced therein, collecting the names of .tex, .sty,
    .bib, .eps files as it goes. If the .log and .aux file for the same
    file.tex file exist in the current directory, texdepend also reads
    these, and parses names of included dependent files.

    It creates the following lists. Only files which actually exist are

        from \input{} and \include{} commands in the .tex file and its

        the names of all style and class files from \usepackage{},
        \documentclass{} and \documentstyle{} commands in the preamble of
        the main .tex file.

        the names of all graphics files from \includegraphics{} commands in
        the .tex file.

        the full path names of *all* style/tex/cfg files used directly or
        indirectly, found in the .log file (except those config'd in @ignore
        or specifed with the -ignore option).

        the full path names of .bib files found in the .aux file as
        \bibdata{} files

        the full path names of all files found in the .log and .aux files
        (which includes everything in all lists except @figs).

    By default, the program uses kpsewhich (if an executable exists) from
    the teTeX/kpathsea distribution to locate tex/bst/sty files before
    trying the various $TEXINPUTS, $BIBINPUTS, and $TEXFMTS paths, to
    determine the full path names of input files. You may need to change the
    $KPSEWHICH path in the configuration section of texdepend

    texdepend is distributed under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public
    License (LPPL). This means that you may freely copy or distribute this
    software, but if you modify it and distribute it (even locally) you must
    change the name to avoid confusion. See: CTAN::