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# Easy Install of TeXLive

(C) Rolf,

This script allows the easy install of a current TeXLive
version over the net. It is tested with the current
Linux versions of OpenSUSE and Ubuntu. The script does

- looking for a fast server
- downloading the install script
- deleting an existing TeXLive version from
  Ubuntu (deb) or openSUSE (rpm)
- extracting and running the install script
- installing a complete up-to-date TeXLive from
- installing the non free fonts from which are
  not part of TeXLive, like arial, Luxi mono, aso
- installing a dummy package for an existing deb (Ubuntu)
  or rpm (openSuSE) TeXLive
- installing the GUIs TeXmaker and TeXworks
- creating files for /etc/profile.d/

without specifing a directory, TeXLive will be installed
in the home directory ~/texlive. For another one run
the script with e.g.

./ /usr/local/texlive

If something goes wrong, then run with the restore option

./ restore

it restores the .bashrc and deletes the files 
/etc/profile.d/zzz-texlive.*  if present

It is possible to create files zzz-texlive.(c)sh
in /etc/profile.d/ for systemwide definitions
instead of the entries in the local .bashrc
If you prefer a system wide setting then set


the default is 0.

For some actions the script needs to be root. In such
cases it asks for the root password.

Report bugs to the authors.

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