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This is texloganalyser (Perl script), version 0.11
	 Copyright 2006-2020 Thomas van Oudenhove
	 License: BSD

Usage: texloganalyser [--help|--version|-acefhilastnoprstuvw] <TeX log>
	 Displays selective infos of LaTeX logs

These flags may be used:
	 a: displays number of warnings about bad boxes
	 c: displays the boxes warning by size (at the end)
	 e: displays the end of the log
	 f: outputs the LaTeX Font Infos
	 h: outputs only warnings about horizontal boxes
	 i: displays 'images' (pdf, [e]ps, png, jpg) used
	 n: displays page numbers
	 o: outputs only warnings about overfull boxes
	 p: outputs the LaTeX Packages infos
	 r: displays warnings about references
	 s: displays .sty and .cls files used
	 t: displays .tex files used
	 u: outputs only warnings about underfull boxes
	 v: outputs only warnings about vertical boxes
	 w: displays all Warnings

More documentation is available with `perldoc texloganalyser`.