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    texref - Find cross-references for a LaTeX file

    texref [-(no)aux] [-help] [-match *regexp*] [-out *filename*] [-
    (no)sort] [-sortby label|def|input] [-unref] [-verbose] *file*[.tex]

    texref reads a .tex file, and (recursively) all \input{} and \include{}
    files referenced therein, collecting the names of all \labels and
    \*ref{}s as it goes. It then prints the list of labels together with
    information about where those labels are referenced in the .tex file(s).

    Michael Friendly <>

    texref is distributed under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public
    License (LPPL). This means that you may freely copy or distribute this
    software, but if you modify it and distribute it (even locally) you must
    change the name to avoid confusion. See: CTAN::