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Lightning completion and Ultra-TeX
(Version 0.50 of 1998/12/21)

The lightning completion package lets Emacs use "dynamic completion"
on any number of things.  By dynamic completion, I mean that you don't
need to hit the tab key to initiate completion: once it is on, it
stays on until there is a unique completion or it is turned off.  This
can be disconcerting at first, but once you get used to it, it is
quite useful--especially when used with commands like find-file or

Ultra-TeX is an Emacs mode for editing LaTeX files (well, for editing
TeX files in general, but it has been written very much with LaTeX in
mind).  It features dynamic completion on TeX commands (i.e., you hit
"\" and Emacs starts trying to complete), as well as a few other
things.  For instance, it has an intelligent math mode; by looking at
the cursor position, it decides whether you are in a math environment
or not, and reacts accordingly (e.g., if you hit the key sequence to
start boldface type, it inserts either "\mathbf" or "\textbf"
depending on whether you're in math mode).  It has other features;
read the documentation for a full description.

The lightning completions package was written by Mark Haiman and Nick
Reingold.  The first version of ultex was written by Mark, and then
rewritten by both of them.  John Palmieri then made various
modifications, including getting everything to work with Emacs 19.
Many suggestions were made by various people at MIT, Yale, and

The ultex distribution files are:

top directory:
   Changelog:    A log of changes made to various parts of the package.
   INSTALLATION: Installation instructions.
   Makefile:     Helps you install the package.
   README:       This file.
   recent-changes.html:  A more verbose, less formal list of changes 
                 than is in ChangeLog.
   older-changes.html:  Like recent-changes.html, but (surprise!) older.

lisp directory (main lisp code):
   Makefile:     For installation/byte-compilation.
   aucify.el:    Code for incorporating a few features of AUC-TeX into
                 Ultra-TeX (prepared by Mark Hovey).
   docomp.el:    For installation/byte-compilation.
   font-latex.el:  Code for colorizing LaTeX documents (written by
                 Peter Galbraith)
   light.el:     The main file in the lightning completion package.
   tex-buf.el:   The one piece of the AUC-TeX package that aucify.el
   ultex-cus.el: Customization code for Ultra-TeX mode.
   ultex-setup.el:  Initialization for Ultra-TeX mode.
   ultex.el:     The main code for Ultra-TeX.

texi directory (documentation):
   Makefile:     For installation.
   font-latex.tex:  Documentation for font-latex.el.
   light.texi:   Lightning completion documentation, in texinfo mode.
   ultra.texi:   Ultra-TeX documentation, in texinfo mode.

user directory (user configuration files):
   greek.el:     Typical key definitions for the greek keyboards; to be
                 modified by each user.
   skeleton.tex: A typical document skeleton for a LaTeX user; to be
                 modified by each user.
   textree.el:   A typical completion table for a LaTeX user; each
                 user will modify this to suit him or herself.

Note: If you don't plan on reading the documentation, you can throw
out any files ending ``.info'', ``.texi'', and ``.dvi''.  Minimal
installation requires the following:

For lightning completion:


For Ultra-TeX:



Suggestions can be sent to (or maybe to