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The zblbuild package version 0.1c

This package is released under the LaTeX Project Public License v1.3c or later (see It is called zblbuild as "Zenity Biblatex Build"


Zblbuild is a shell + GUI script designed to make the choice of a Biblatex style and options easier. The script requires:

*  a standard bash shell
*  a recent version of zenity (version 3.x)

The script has been tested only on a Linux platform, but should work on any platform running bash + zenity.


The ``install`` script installs:

*  zblbuild on /usr/bin
*  bibtex.jpg on /usr/share/icons/zblbuild
*  zblbuild.desktop on $USER/Desktop

You can obviously change the script as you please, or install manually.

1.  unzip
2.  cd zblbuild
2.  ./install -- enter password when required.
3.  run the script from the desktop icon or from the command line

Guido Milanese
28th August 2019