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------------ README - MLTeX support files for LaTeX ------------

This directory contains the following files to be used with
MLTeX v2.2 and LaTeX2e:

 - README	This file you are currently reading
 - mltex.txt	``How to use MLTeX with LaTeX'', the end-user
		documentation---please read it!
 - mltex.sty	This LaTeX package is the simplest way how to enable
		the MLTeX extensions within LaTeX; it automatically
		loads all needed files and contains all necessary

 - lo1enc.def	Font encoding definition for the new LaTeX font
		encoding ``LO1'' aka ``mLtex's Ot1''.
 - mlltxchg.def	This file contains all LaTeX NFSS kernel macro

 - testmlft.tex
   testmlsw.tex	Two LaTeX documents to test MLTeX, the MLTeX package
		and definition files.

The package ``mltex'' can be also used with standard TeX, in which
case the result should be the same as without this package.  To make
full use of all the capabilities of this package, you have to use an
MLTeX extended TeX (which can not be called ``TeX'' anymore).


Put the files


in a place where TeX will look for macros files.

If you TeX system uses the TeX Directory Structure (TDS) standard you
have to create a new directory


and move the three files into this directory.  After you have done it,
don't forget to update the file lookup cache files on some TeX

Error Reports:
Error Reports in case of UNCHANGED versions to 
        Bernd Raichle 
        Stettener Str. 73 
        73732 Esslingen 
        Federal Republic of Germany 
 Email: raichle@Informatik.Uni-Stuttgart.DE 

Please apply the test file ``mltextst.tex'' to your MLTeX binary to
make sure that your are using the newest version of MLTeX.  If you are
using an old version, update to the newest version before reporting an
Include a _short_ TeX input file and the output of the log file in
your error report.  Add a note about your environment: TeX version,
implementation, operating system.

MLTeX is copyright (C) 1990-1992 by Michael J. Ferguson;
MLTeX Version 2.2 is copyright (C) 1995-1998 by B. Raichle;
all rights are reserved.

--- Copyright (C) 1996-1998 Bernd Raichle.  All rights reserved ---
This file can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms
of the LaTeX Project Public License Distributed from CTAN
archives in directory macros/latex/base/lppl.txt; either
version 1 of the License, or any later version.