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This is pmCSTeX for EPM, version 16. 4. 2000 (April 16, 2000)

pmCSTeX is a macro package for the OS/2 editor EPM (Enhanced Programmers 
Editor, version 6.03b or higher).

It installs the CSTeX menu, hotkeys and optionally a toolbar into EPM, which
access comfortably many useful actions for {em}(La)TeXing from within the EPM:
  -- (La)TeXing the document, LaTeXing a paragraph,
  -- locate next error,
  -- previewing (dviPM version, full-screen, and printer previewing), 
  -- printing (several printers configurable or print to a file),
  -- producing PostScript output (dvips-ing, GhostView or psview preview),
  -- access to other TeX tools like BibTeX, MakeIndex, vlnka, cstocs,
  -- all of the above is applied to the currently edited file or its Master;
     the Master, TeX format, dvips options etc. is easily configured on the 
     first line of the Master file,
  -- new editor actions added (the list of the LaTeX/AMS-math environments
     and fonts;	a keyboard of the names of Greek letters, generalized 
     version of the "Include file under cursor" (Alt-1) action, easy
     manipulation with dictionary of several languages, syntax highlighting,
     TeX-friendly paragraph reformatting, filter for backing up edited files
     before save,
  -- hypertext help for the LaTeX2e commands,
  -- and much more.

pmCSTeX for EPM tries to implement the best features of these packages:
CSTeX MNU for DOS, TeXshell, EPMTeX, pmgraf, emacs.