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Aug 2008 
The files in this directory help to build Tom Rockiki's dvips for TeX-GPC.

Since KPSE does not blend with TeX-GPC, and CTAN only offers KPSE based
versions of DVIPS, I downloaded the latest release from Stanford:

It unpacks in a directory dvips576. Edit Makefile from this directory
to reflect the default resolution of your printer, the location
of your binary and "man" directory.

Replace Makefile and MakeTeXPK in dvips576/dvips by the files from
this directory. See xdvi/README for hints on the man directory.

Create a master directory DVIPSconf if you haven't done so already, goto
dvips576/dvips, run mk_TeX_dir, mk_MF_dir, and make install.

Edit DVIPSconf/ to reflect paper size and resolution of
your printer.  To make dvips generate missing .pk fonts automatically,
the resolutions in and in the mf mode "localfont" must

Tip: With an A4 papersize you might want to adjust the origin
to 1in-3mm,1in+8.8m. This line in does that:
O -3mm,8.8mm

This will give you equal left and right margins with Plain TeX's
predefined \hsize of 6.5in, and therefore the pagenumbers will line up
nicely on two sided output.


Bug: dvips does not compile on Mac OS X 10.7 because the getline() is
defined in stdio.h. Workaround: change the spelling of getline to ngetline
in each occurence in file afm2tfm.c.