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How to install xdvi for TeX-GPC:

Get the source from
It unpacks into xdvi-22.85.

Edit config reflecting your binary directory, your man directory
(i. e. a directory you have write permissions and has a subdirectory
man1) and the resolution of your printer and then switch to xdvi-22.84
and run
../config && make clean && make && make install

Unfortunately this neither works for NetBSD nor for Mac OS X.
For NetBSD use this:
../config && make clean && make && ../load && make install

For Mac OS X use this:
Instead replace the configure script in xdvi-22.84 with macconfigure,
and replace xdvi.h with macxdvi.h.

The xdvi is configured soley by DVIPSconf/XDvi, move XDvi to DVIPSconf.
And this does not work on Mac-OS-X.
workaround: xrdb -merge DVIPSconf/XDvi

You might want to change /etc/man.conf to include your private man pages.
I boldly replaced the line
_default        /usr/{share,X11R6,pkg,local}/man/
_default        /usr/{helbig,share,X11R6,pkg,local}/man/