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Literate Programming Workshop 1.1

The LPW1.1.sit StuffIt archive contains:
- Literate Programming Workshop
- LPW User Manual
- ParseErrors, which is both an example project and a tool you need for your
  work with LPW

The Literate Programming Workshop is an environment for the integrated
development of program source text and documentation in combined documents.
It consists of a WYSIWYG word processor based on a style sheet approach, a
mechanism to extract parts of the text in a document, and a project management
system that handles multi-document projects. The system is designed to be used
in conjunction with MPW: it prepares raw source text for the MPW compilers,
accepts MPW error messages, and shows them in the context of the original
documents. Automatic indexing and hypertext features allow for easy access to
both source text and documentation.

Compared to LPW 1.0, LPW 1.1 adds the following features:
- repeating tabs (the program editor kind)
- Shift Left and Shift Right commands
- triple clicking
- Close All and Save All commands
It also removes a few bugs.

LPW 1.1 is shareware - if you use it for more than two weeks, you have to
register your copy and pay the registration fee of $50.

- Norbert Lindenberg