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Welcome to MWEB (Matlab WEB)

This is an experimental literate programming system for the Matlab
programming language. It is based on the Spider system, which is in
turn based on the CWEB system which resembles the original WEB system
by Knuth.

This distribution does not include the real sources. Compiling the
programs from these would require the "tie", "nuweb", "spider", and
"awk" programs to exist on your system, so instead the C code is
distributed together with a Makefile that should compile them on most
UNIX systems. A complete distribution will be available later.

This distribution includes also some TeX and LaTeX macro files, among
them the complete "webfiles" package which is also distributed
separately. This package enables inclusion of multiple CWEB and MWEB
programs in a single LaTeX document.

A user manual is provided in the files "" and
"". The first is a generic manual for all Web systems
created with Spider, the second contains additional notes for MWEB.
Usage and implementation of the webfiles package are explained in

Please read the Install file for an installation instruction.

An example is provided in the files

  example.web : MWEB document
  ctest.web   : CWEB document
  ctest.tex   : cweave output from ctest.web
  driver.tex  : driver for printing example with LaTeX

This example should work with TeX and LaTeX.

With TeX:

  mweave example
  tex example

With LaTeX:

  mweave example
  latex driver

The rationale for all this can be found in the documentation. If you
have problems with tex/latex, read the comments at the beginning of

Mark Potse                                 
Medical Physics Department,
Academic Medical Center
Meibergdreef 15,
1105 AZ Amsterdam,
The Netherlands